2016-02-03Hi.  I’m David.  That’s me over there.

I’m a Christian, husband, father, coder, developer, Indianapolis resident, amateur designer, writer, reader, TV watcher, movie buff, RPGer, video gamer, board gamer, tech enthusiast, amateur designer, food enthusiast, history buff, science buff, overall geek, and fan of almost any TV or movie franchise with the word “Star-” in the title.  I like elegant solutions and complicated truth, moderate viewpoints and thoughtful replies, and pie.

Since mid-2014, I’ve been running an online magazine called Redeeming Culture.  It’s been incredibly fulfilling to see God through the culture we humans create and enjoy.  You can learn more about that project here.  This blog is not about that.

Actually, that’s literally what this blog is: everything I’m interested in that isn’t fit for RC.  I like to overthink and write too many words about a lot of stuff, and when I feel like I’m doing that (but it doesn’t fit on RC), I’ll put it here.  You’ll also probably find reviews, musings, and whatever coding problem I’m working through.

So anyway, that’s what Epic Whim is: me, except for all the parts that are over on Redeeming Culture.

Hope you enjoy.

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