RC Post: “Hope through Failure and Success”

My RC post for today is a result of an amazing coincidence God thing.

My wife and I teach Sunday School to middle school students at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, and we’ve been going through a curriculum this year called “What’s Up.”  It’s pretty good, theologically, although incredibly corny at times and pitched for a much longer class session than we have at our disposal (seriously, what middle school Sunday School class gets 120 minutes?!).  But overall, we’ve enjoyed the journey.

As usual, we took the weeks before and after Christmas and New Year’s off.  On our first Sunday back, the lesson was about the Prodigal Son and his older brother.  And when I mentioned the desire to change oneself, to make oneself better, I suddenly realized how crazy we all get around the world with new year’s resolutions.

Some research, discussion with my wife, and supernatural inspiration later, and this post was born.  I really like it, and would appreciate your comments if you have any.  Thank you!

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