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Ava’s Demon

Ava’s Demon is a web comic about a girl named Ava and the demon haunting her.

The spectacular sci-fi webcomic Ava’s Demon first hit the internet in 2012, and quickly made a name for itself with its lush, luminous painted panels, its occasional splashes of animation, and its cinematic one-panel-at-a-time cadence. Written and drawn by Michelle Fus, an animator formerly of Pixar and DreamWorks, it’s probably still the most beautiful webcomic online.

Until recently, the comic updated more or less weekly, dropping a handful of new panels about Ava, her titular “demon” tormentor Wrathia, as well as Ava’s…”friends” Maggie, Odin, and Gil; but despite putting in twelve years and over 2,500 pages of kinetic action, Ava and co. have only just finished up their first action-packed day as they run from the forces of the intergalactic god/despot/CEO Titan.

I lost touch with the comic by about 2017, when keeping up on webcomics proved to be somewhat incompatible with parenting multiple young children; and since then, Ava’s Demon has continued its steady drumbeat. Right up until November of 2022, when after a decade of fairly regular uploading, the comic just…stopped.

Webcomics lapse. They rarely come back. But Ava’s Demon did.

It lapsed for a good reason…and came back for a better one. If you haven’t read the comic before, I recommend you start at the beginning; but if you’re unconvinced, take a look at these incredible pieces of art, and imagine how much better they are in context.