Two Twitters


Yep, if you look in the top-right or bottom-middle of this page, you’ll note two Twitter links.

I know about it.  This is intentional.

One links to @ilinamorato, my personal/family/geekiness/faith account.  I’ve had it for a while.

The other one links to @RDavidAtwell, my work/professional/marketing/programming account.  I made it shortly before getting business cards as a Salesforce employee, when I realized that my personal account just doesn’t look very professional.  Heck, I tweet fart jokes sometimes.  So I made a more professional account.

Well, that worked well.

Anyway, yes, there are two Twitter accounts.  That’s not a mistake.

(Well, it was at least intentional.  Verdict is still out about whether or not it’s a mistake.)