Two Twitters

Yep, if you look in the top-right or bottom-middle of this page, you’ll note two Twitter links. I know about it.  This is intentional. One links to @ilinamorato, my personal/family/geekiness/faith account.  I’ve had it for a while. The other one links to @RDavidAtwell, my work/professional/marketing/programming account.  I made it shortly… Continue reading

The Highest Affection

Today’s sermon at Redeemer Indy, given by Jeff Nottingham, was one of my favorite sermons in recent memory.  Based out of John 13:31-14:12, it’s a beautiful and heart-stirring message about our affections that get in the way of loving Jesus, and I commend it highly. “The Highest Affection” was delivered on February… Continue reading


I hate the word “Millennial.” I’d been feeling that way for quite a while before John Green wrapped up my thoughts pretty well in this letter to the World Economic Forum.  I reposted the article on Facebook with the caption: Millennials are just young people (people 18-34ish); young people are… Continue reading