Resolved toward Reconciliation

Historically speaking, the Church has done some pretty crazy and ludicrous stuff.  Last week, one part of it repented of a crazy and ludicrous season in their history. So, I’m a member of a Church.  That church is a member of a Presbytery.  That presbytery is a member of a… Continue reading

PCA General Assembly #44: Overture 43 and supporting documentation (2016)

Overture 43 from Potomac Presbytery “Pursuing Racial Reconciliation and the Advance of the Gospel” Whereas, the 43rd General Assembly considered a personal resolution on racial reconciliation and referred the matter to the 44th General Assembly, so that lower courts could perfect and propose a resolution encouraging “heartfelt repentance”; and Whereas,… Continue reading

The Safe Job

Alternate Universe 4528-J March 10, 2017 It’s March 10, 2017 in Alternate Universe 4528-J. In Cupertino, California, employees are arriving at the offices of “Canteloupe Corp,” manufacturers of top-of-the-line hardened safes. Sales are good for Canteloupe; their “iSafe” line of safes are well-known and well-loved for their good design, ease… Continue reading